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7 Mistakes to avoid while going for Medical Tourism

Medical tourism has seen unprecedented popularity in the recent times owing to the affordable procedure costs in developing countries and the chance to travel to beautiful and exotic locales while recovering after a medical procedure. Medical Tourism gives patients access to world-class care at costs that are half or less than what they pay in their home countries. This is one of the most important reasons why medical tourism is lucrative for patients from developed countries like the United States, Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom. However, the blissful experience of medical tourism can turn sour if patients make ill informed decisions. This is why we are listing the seven mistakes that should be avoided while taking a medical tourism package. Read on to know more

Selecting Non-Accredited Hospitals & Medical Institutions

The quality off a hospital depends on whether it’s accredited by national or international governing bodies. It is of paramount importance that patients select only accredited medical institutions and hospitals that have been reviewed and deemed fit for international patients and medical tourism packages. Choosing an accredited hospital ensures that you have the right to quality health care and globally recognized medical procedures. One other reason why patients should select accredited institutes is that most insurance companies refuse cover if the hospital is not accredited.

Keeping Cost as Major Decision Maker

Patients attribute cost of the procedure the highest priority when going for medical tourism packages. However, giving priority to cost is a grave error that can result in sub-standard quality of medical care and do more harm than good. Although a lot of developing countries provide excellent medical tourism services, low-cost packages are often exclusive of other important services and costs. In an effort to save a few dollars, patients can critically compromise on the quality of medical care they receive.

Not Going for a Second Opinion

Before going for a medical procedure in some foreign country, it is advised that patients go for a second opinion on their condition. In case of medical tourism where a lot of money and logistics are involved, taking a second opinion is a must-do for patients. A lot of insurance companies also require a second opinion to reimburse claims. Moreover, it gives patient complete knowledge of their condition and what to expect while undergoing any medical procedure.

Not Being Aware of the Procedure

For complete satisfaction and speedy recovery, patients need to completely understand their condition through the diagnosis, the treatment procedure and what to expect before, during and after the procedure, the recovery time and the side effects if any. Patients should do an in-depth examination of all the information presented to them and ask for more if there is still any doubt. There is nothing more powerful than being aware of what is going in the body and how it responds to treatment, as they say, the mind heals the body, if the mind is aware of everything it will accelerate the healing process.

Traveling Alone without a Companion

Medical Tourism trips can be hectic and strenuous in themselves and doing the entire thing alone involves a lot of hassles, especially when you are already suffering from health problems. While some companies provide all-inclusive packages most companies have just the medical procedure and tourism package which do not include bookings in hotels, food, appointments etcetera. It is therefore advised that patients travel with a companion who can manage the little things while the patient relaxes and heals.

Not Opting for Tourism Insurance

Opting for tourism insurance ensures that the patient is covered financially from any extremities that happen while visiting a foreign country for medical tourism. Medical tourism is relatively cheap but without tourism insurance, chances are patients could end up paying more in case of unavoidable circumstances.

Not Giving Ample Time to Read the Contracts

It is very important for patients to read the hospital contracts, medical tourism service provider contracts and fine print of the entire policy way before selecting the package. Being fully aware of the terms and conditions, inclusions and exclusions help plan the trip better and save on hidden costs. Therefore, patients are advised to read the entire contract documents including the fine print for a well-informed decision.

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7 Mistakes to avoid while going for Medical Tourism

Medical tourism has seen unprecedented popularity in the recent times owing to the affordable procedure costs in developing countries and the chance to travel to beautiful and exotic locales while gives patients access recovering after a medical.

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