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Knee Arthroscopy Surgery

Knee Arthroscopy Surgery India

It is considered as the oldest healing science by many renowned scholars from around the world. As a health system, Ayurveda is quite unique, unlike conventional medical approach. In Ayurveda, health is not seen as only physiological but an amalgamation of mental, spiritual and environmental factors to eliminate the disease from its very root. Ayurveda claims to predate Egyptian medicines and is a proven healing method for holistic healing of the mind, body and soul.

Knee Arthroscopy Surgery India
Knee Arthroscopy

When do you require Knee Arthroscopy?

Your doctor could suggest knee surgery if you've got a painful condition that doesn't respond to nonsurgical treatment. Nonsurgical treatment includes rest, physical therapy, and medications or injections that can reduce inflammation.
Knee surgery could relieve painful symptoms of the many issues that harm the cartilage surfaces and different soft tissues encompassing the joint.

Arthroscopy Once you are moved the operating room, you will given anesthesia. To help stop surgical site infection, the skin on your knee will be cleaned.

Common arthroscopic procedures for the knee include:

• Removal or repair of a torn meniscus
• Reconstruction of a torn anterior cruciate ligament
• Removal of inflamed synovial tissue
• Trimming of damaged articular cartilage
• Removal of loose fragments of bone or cartilage
• Treatment of patella (kneecap) problems
•  Treatment of knee sepsis (infection)

Common arthroscopic procedures
Surgical Procedure

Surgical Procedure


Once you are moved into the operating room, you will be given anesthesia. To help stop surgical site infection, the skin on your knee will be cleaned. Your leg will be covered with surgical draping that exposes the prepared incision site. At this point, a positioning device is usually placed on the leg to assist stabilize the knee while the arthroscopic procedure takes place.

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To begin the procedure, the operating surgeon can create many tiny incisions, called "portals," in your knee. A sterile solution will be used to fill the knee joint and rinse away any cloudy fluid. This helps your orthopedic surgeon see the structures inside your knee clearly and in great detail. Your surgeon's initial task is to properly diagnose your problem. He or she is going to insert the arthroscope and use the image projected on the screen to guide it. If surgery is required, your surgeon will insert tiny instruments through other small incisions. Specialized instruments are used for tasks like shaving, cutting, grasping, and meniscal repair. In several cases, special devices are used to anchor stitches into bone.


After surgery, you will be moved to the recovery room and should be able to go home within 1 or 2 hours. Be sure to have someone with you to drive you home and check on you that first evening. While recovery from knee arthroscopy is quicker than recovery from traditional open knee surgery, it is important to follow your doctor's instructions carefully after you return home. You should exercise your knee frequently for several weeks after surgery. This will restore motion and strengthen the muscles of your leg and knee. Therapeutic exercise can play a vital role in how well you recover. A formal physiotherapy program could improve your end result.


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