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Orthopedics Surgery Treatments India

Orthopedics or orthopedics surgery deals with diseases and conditions related to the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic surgeons employ surgical as well as non-surgical techniques and procedures to treat spine diseases, infections, degenerative diseases, musculoskeletal trauma, congenital disorders, and tumor. Orthopedic Surgery is one of the most popular procedures that people prefer for medical tourism in the recent years. This is because of an increase in old people in most developing nations. Because the average age of patients is above 40, medical tourism is one of the best options for them to recover their body, spirit and soul. It can take anywhere from 7 to 21 days to go through and recover from an orthopedic surgery. This is why, patients need to be really selective and do a thorough research on the kind of packages they book for medical tourism orthopedic surgery. Some of the well-known procedures that we provide all inclusive packages are hip resurfacing, total shoulder replacement, total hip replacement, partial knee replacement, total knee replacement, anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, arthroscopy, spinal surgeries and meniscal repair.

The recovery time and surgery time depends on the hospital protocol. We have accredited medical institutions with state-of-the-art facilities and internationally trained medical professionals who take complete care of your mind and body before, during and after your surgery. Our exotic range of holistic recovery resorts will provide you with beautiful sights for a speedy recovery.

Let’s discuss the top most common orthopedic procedures that are available depending on your doctor’s diagnosis.


is a minimally invasive surgery performed on a joint where the treatment or even the examination is done using a special instrument known as arthroscope, an endoscope that is put in the joint with the help of a small incision. Arthroscopy is a procedure with huge success rates and the recovery time of the patient depends entirely on the body part operated on.


is a surgical procedure undertaken to remove cartilage also known as meniscus of a joint, especially that of the knees.Treatments of a meniscal tear will on what kind it is, the size and its location within the cartilage. It is usually followed by physiotherapy and rehabilitation that may take more than a couple of weeks.

Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel syndrome happens because of pressure on the median nerve, the nerve responsible for feelings in your fingers and thumbs, except the index finger. There are two main types of carpal tunnel surgeries including open surgery and endoscopic surgery. Recovery time usually depends on the kind of surgery performed and is usually followed by physical exercises.

ACL Reconstruction

is a tissue graft replacement through surgery of the anterior cruciate ligament that is located in the knee, for restoring the function of the knee after a trauma or injury. The torn ligament is removed before placing a graft in an arthroscopic procedure. The recovery time is usually a couple of weeks if proper rehabilitation and physiotherapy is administered.

Knee Replacement

This surgery is also known as knee arthroplasty and is performed to replace the surfaces of the knee joints that are weight bearing to eliminate pain and restore the function. It has seen a recent rise in popularity because of the advanced and improved surgical procedure and the high success rate. Recovery time can be months with proper physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs.

Hip Replacement

is a surgery performed to replace the hip joint with a prosthetic implant. There can be total replacement or a semi replacement of the hip depending on your diagnosis. This surgery is done mainly to eliminate arthritis pain and at times of irreparable hip damage. Surgery and recovery time can take up to a couple of weeks with proper care and post-surgery therapy.


is a surgical procedure that mainly deals with removal of a section of the vertebral bone called Lamina, also known as the roof of the spinal canal. It is a major spine operation and may result in post laminectomy syndrome. The recovery time is really slow after this surgery and patients can take up to 18 months to recover after the procedure.

Lumbar Spinal Fusion Surgery

is performed at vertebral segments to eliminate a painful motion and involves adding a graft to a segment of the spine. It is a major and complex procedure that requires up to a couple of months to recover fully and another 6 months to retain the full function with proper post-surgery rehabilitation and physiotherapy.


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